Find the right Bookkeeping Package for you!

STEP ONE: Choose your Bookkeeping Package Below:

Bookkeeping packages are priced according to your business volume.
Services include: recording and properly categorizing all business related income and expenses, reviewing and removing double and uncleared transactions, and reconciling bank and credit card accounts.

STEP TWO: Choose your Add-Ons

Need more than just bookkeeping? Choose a la carte from the "Add-ons" listed below.
Add-ons are in addition to the monthly bookkeeping services and are priced according to volume. 

STEP THREE: Contact us for your Complimentary Discovery Call!


Starting at $189*

BusyBee Starter - is an economical approach to bookkeeping and the perfect solution for the small business owner who just needs a little help staying organized.
This pricing is based on:
GAR <$100k OR 60 transactions per month. Whichever is greater.

Tier One

Starting at $375*

BusyBee Tier One -  is a standard bookkeeping option for a small, but growing business that needs timely attention to their books.
This pricing is based on: GAR of $100k - $150K OR up to 100 transactions per month. Whichever is greater.

Tier Two

Starting at $675*

BusyBee Tier Two - is bookkeeping with the established business in mind. 
This pricing is based on: GAR of $150k - $225k OR up to 200 transactions. Whichever is greater.

Tier Three

Starting at $975*

BusyBee Tier Three - is Bookkeeping with the established yet growing business in mind. This pricing is based on: 
GAR of $225k - $300k OR up to 300 transactions per month. Whichever is greater.

Full Charge Bookkeeping Services

Starting at $1500*

GAR $300k+
Do you have multiple companies, need invoicing, payment and location tracking, bill pay, vendor pay, cash flow monitoring, etc? Our Full Charge Bookkeeping Services covers all of your accounting needs.


Priced According to Volume.

Bill Pay
Bookkeeping Catch-up
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
Estimates and Invoicing
Class/Location Tracking
Monthly Sales Tax Filing
Job Costing
1099 Processing
Cash Flow Management
Weekly Zoom Sessions
Strategy Sessions
Receipt Tracking
Vendor Pay
W-9 Tracking

Additional Info:

* A 12-month contract for monthly services is required. All catch-up and new client packages require a one-time on-boarding fee of $250. All packages require a signed recurring ACH form and do not include a subscription to QuickBooks Online (QBO) or any other software requiring a subscription. All prices and packages are "starting at" rate and based on Gross Annual Revenue and the number of monthly transactions, and are subject to change. Add-ons are available in addition to your monthly bookkeeping services and are priced according to volume. Contact BusyBee today to set up your complimentary discovery call.