Getting Started

At BusyBee Bookkeeping, we know that not every business is the same. That's why we have a three step process for our prospective clients.

Step One: During our Discovery Call, we will listen carefully to your needs, wants and pain points. This call usually lasts 15 minutes.

Step Two: We will perform a complimentary Diagnostic Review. This 10 point diagnostic gives us a first hand idea of where your bookkeeping is and allows us to prepare a personalized quote for services. We generally allocate 5 business days for this.

Step Three: We meet via zoom to screen share and discuss the results from your diagnostic. We will also take this time to review your Personalized Quote for Services. We usually set aside 30-45 minutes for this.

And finally, once you decide to move forward with BusyBee Bookkeeping, you will receive a service agreement via DocuSign and we will begin onboarding you into our systems.

From start to finish, this prospective process generally takes about 2 weeks. 

Over the years, we have found that this system works well to help ensure that the relationship we are creating is the right fit for us and your business. Ready to schedule your discovery call? You can do so HERE

Step One:

Discovery Call

We will use the time during your complimentary discovery consultation to get to know you and your business needs better.

Schedule your discovery call HERE

Step Two:

Diagnostic Review

BusyBee will preform a complimentary diagnostic review of your current financial data. Don't have a system yet? That's okay. We can have you up and running in no time.

Step Three:

Quote Review

Our proposals are prepared specifically for you and your current business needs.  We will provide you with a clear and detailed outline of how we can help you moving forward.